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Power & accuracy that’s right on the money, every time.

Consistent within the complete family of Pierce & Pierce Denharco delimbers and processing heads, now you have a common system for all your processing machines. GPS, digital topographical mapping, wireless communication & data transmission, E-mail and internet connectivity are just a few of the possibilities Intellitec is capable of achieving. And all from the safety and the convenience of your cab.


Easy to use system can easily be customized for one, or multiple operators.

Operator has specific login. After boot-up, preset values and settings, language and authority for that operator are populated.

Shift activity information (such as uptime, idle time, piece count).

Simple display for real time operating data.

“Soft clamp” feature adjusts delimb arm pressure, depending on recognized diameter of each stem.

PC-based system easily integrates into customer’s own business system.

Add hydraulic & electrical schematics, help files & complete Operations, Service & Parts Manuals to the desktop for quick/easy reference.

Automatic timed interval information/file backup.

Built-in system for safe controlled shut down.


‘Stop-on-mark’ technology eliminates searching for the cut location, thus maximizing accuracy, throughput and productivity.

Real time length, diameter and sort details are always visible with numeric readouts and visual log representation. (See operating screen above).

Optimization: priority bucking manages lengths, diameters and other information needed to locate optimum cut location(s) maximizing each stem’s value. This translates into maximum value with minimum waste.

Priority Builder builds and maintains bucking instructions for priority bucking logic. The instructions contain a table with the required lengths in priority order. The table also contains information on minimum and maximum diameters per length, and other relevant information for optimum production.

Optimization Builder builds and maintains optimization instructions for delimber bucking systems. The program manages information containing identification, tree species, grades, assortments, demand & limitation matrices, etc.


Color-coded modules allow for quick troubleshooting with L.E.D. indicators for easy isolation of function, fault and warnings.

Help text is available at the push of a button throughout the system. Have a question? Simply click on the help icon for a description/ procedure for that specific function.

Real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting keeps operator updated on operational events and faults.


Powerful information center for statistics, instructions, analysis and processing information.

Production values are calculated and can be displayed on the screen, printed, saved and copied to storage devices (disk, thumb drive, etc.), or transmitted via wireless communication back to business office.

Operation Report and Operation Monitor are used to read production files and present the statistics, volumes and active production time on the screen or printout. Different windows with information for identification, total volumes, idle time and log records. The totals can be shown per operator, or as a total for all operators.