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Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA), combined with computer-aided motion analysis software, allows our design team to eliminate structural “hotspots” where structural strength is critical to the long-term integrity of the product. Learn more.


Ground level debris shearing? Intermediate height dismantling? Ultra-high reach precision teardown? Modular main boom? Quick-change excavator boom conversion? Dust suppression? Observation system? Hydraulic elevating/tilting cab? Machine armor? Allow us to work with you to determine the best demolition configuration and the best value.

Many manufacturers offer one configuration to suit every application. However, one size doesn’t always fit all. Pierce analyzes all of the factors associated with your specific application, which allows us to recommend the configuration which best maximizes your production and profitability.

High Reach Features:

Heavy duty boom, arm & jib engineered for extreme loading and extended life.

Utilize OEM excavator hoist cylinders, or for greater load capacity opt for Pierce hoist cylinders.

Load holding valves secure payload.

Parflanged hydraulic boom plumbing.

Centralized lubrication.

Oversized, induction hardened, heat-treated & chromed pins.

Aluminum bronze bushing for extended lubrication & greasing intervals.

High Reach Options:

Modular Main Boom (transport joint)

Enhanced versatility. Converting from high reach to digging machine, storage and transportation is easy with the modular main boom (cradle, quick disconnects, tapered pins and bushings).

Allows for utilization of common "boom stub," whether utilizing digging boom or high reach boom.

Capable of main boom extension “inserts” for increased vertical reach.

Quick disconnect connections at main boom modular connection.

Stucci quick disconnect connections at modular interface.

Modular main boom extensions.

Boom Angle Monitoring System (BAMS)

Audible swing limiting alarm warns operator if machine approaches unsafe working range.

Sounds alarm or interrupts pilot flow to hydraulic functions when boom reaches the predetermined radius, or upper is rotated beyond the allowable degrees of rotation.

When the pilot system is interrupted, only functions that allow the operator to bring the machine to safe working range are available.

Controls operating mode and pump flow.

Observation Monitoring System

Boosts productivity with improved visibility during high reach operation.

Remote single or dual color monitors in operator’s cab.

Camera(s) system mounted on stick.

Transport Cradle

Transport Cradle for high reach boom.

Transport Cradle for excavator boom.

Optional step deck trailer with integral high reach cradle, steps and servicing platforms.

-Low trailer deck height.

Pierce 2-piece, intermediate height demolition booms are ideal for moderate teardown and demolition. They are equipped with a rugged, straight main boom and an excavator-style stick, giving you the power to engage in moderate grapple teardown/demolition. They are ideal for sorting, processing and loading.

Suitable to use with a variety of attachments:

• Hammer

• Shear

• Universal Processor

• Pulverizers

• Severe Duty Grapples

Pierce’s rugged LEX first member main boom is designed for ground level site remediation, sorting, processing and finishing demolition site work. It is configured with a top-mount stick cylinder designed to work with a heavy-duty shear.

The shear can be detached so that a second member stick can be added to allow for alternate applications and flexibility.



Improved working range and operation visibility.

Operator comfort by reducing fatigue and neck strain.


Raise: 0-7 feet.

Tilt: 0-35 degrees.

Operated by dedicated joystick, inside cab.

Positive lock when in home position.

Safety leg-lock for maintenance.

Safety interlock: When cab is in use, all other hydraulic functions are locked out.

Electric battery powered service elevating pump and control, mounted in service bay for emergency or service operation.

In the event of a power loss, cab controls can safely lower cab.


35 degree tilt only with full cab protection.


Vertical reinforcement bars protect windshield and skylight.

Horizontal light cavity/visor.

Optional front steel debris screen and work light package.

Hydraulically elevating/tilt cab riser.

Cab guard with screening.

Manual/Hydraulic tilt cab risers.

Heavy duty (OSHA approved) catwalks with traction surface and integral underhouse guards with recessed hinged/bolted service panels that won’t interfere with debris.

Mesh screens over air intake access cavities minimizes damage by rebar, timber, concrete, and other debris.

Heavy duty side guarding and heavy duty pump and radiator doors.

Repositioned hoist cylinders for improved lifting range (high lift bracket) with excavator boom.

Additional heavy counterweight.

Track rock guards keeps out demolition debris from damaging tracks.

Heavy bolt-on, 2-piece swivel guard.

High intensity work lights on boom and cab.

Safety railings for access and egress.

Cylinder guards.

Right front corner guard.

Undercarriage reinforcements.

Widened undercarriage for 360 degree stability and safety throughout working range.

Finish paint.